Rondi and his company/employees are amazing, super helpful and they are already deleting negative items on my credit. This plus the knowledge Rondi provides is worth more than he can ever charge. 100% recommended.

Ivon F

Fortress got my credit score up from less than 500 to over 700 in just over a year. They are the most elite amazing credit repair company in the world in my opinion. You only get billed if they remove Negative items off your credit report. They are very personable and work with you and answer any questions you have in a quick response. Thank you guys so much.

Eric H

I absolutely love Fortress Credit Pros. I’ve been able to learn so much about credit in such a short amount of time. I don’t think I could learn this much, this quickly anywhere else. I’ve been working with Vanessa and she has been incredibly helpful. I’ve had a million questions and they’ve all been answered to my satisfaction. Anytime I have had any type of confusion or anxiety about this new journey in finance, I’ve always gotten a quick response with detailed answers. I went into this program knowing literally nothing about credit and never having used a credit card before. Now I have all my bills set up on autopay so that I never get a late fee. If I’m out traveling, I never have to worry about missing a bill. I was able to secure $50,000 in business credit in the first 10 days that I worked with this company. I have a new truck on the road and I doubled the income of my home service business. The information you receive from Fortress Credit Pros is absolutely life-changing. It’s something that everybody should know, but nobody is teaching.

Rob W

So one day I was driving for work and not sure how to fix my credit problems. I’ve had a pretty serious bump in my road and needed help to recover. I didn’t want to wait years for this to clear up on my credit in order to recover. Well while I was driving I was scanning through a new PodCast to listen to and I came across School of Wealth. I kid you not everything Rondi was saying was answering all my questions. I knew that feeing when God puts something in front of you and you know deep down this was a sign from him? Well I knew deep down I had to go with Fortress. From the teachings of Rondi to how he laimen terms explains how creditworthiness works is unmatched. Someone who’s been there and can relate. My scores are already changing and it’s knowing that you have professions out there helping you get over that bump in the road helps remove the anxiety. Listen to his podcast watch his videos. Learn from the man. I studied everything he has to offer.

Brandon S

I just want to say thanks in advance. Fortress Credit Pro it’s like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Even though I recently applied for the correction of my credit I’m beginning to see improvements through my Ficoapp and Experian. I just want to say once again thanks to all the staff working in Fortress Credit Pro for being so understanding and knowledgeable with my needs in fixing my credit mistakes, God bless you all. I am sure and confident that Fortress is going to excel. God bless you Mr. Lambeth for creating such an amazing company. Thanks for Fortress. I am looking forward to start in Fortress University.

Claudio S. Santos Garcia

I have been in the mortgage industry for decades and I host a daily radio program. I am ALWAYS confident and pleased when I introduce clients and listeners to the folks at Fortress Credit Pro. I have also learned / shared a lot of what Rondi and his team have taught with our clients / listeners. In an industry that sometimes lacks a lot of ethics, Fortress Credit Pro is one of the good ones we can count on.

Ron S

Rondi took on my credit and my score went from 643 to 801 in 120 days… We now use him exclusively with all of our tenants that want to buy. My wife is over 831 and for her it was so simple and obvious while other companies milk you for over a year….Highly recommend him.

Rob Palano